Dwight David Howard plays for Houston Rockets of National Basketball Association. He is highly professional player, who plays center. He is one of the few basketball players who hold an amazing high school career as well. NBA superman has been one of the top young prospects on NBA since year 2006.

Family background

Howard was born in a family with strong athletic connections. Despite his largely framed body, Howard was versatile and quick ever since he started playing basketball. In 2004, he was recognized as the best American high school basketball player and was awarded Naismith Prep Player of the Year Award.

Achievements and awards

Howards has listed a lot of awards under his name. This all was possible due to his versatility and dedication towards the game. He was never afraid to stand out among the rest, and as he says “bring it on”. During his NBA career, he led the league in rebounds. He is among the very few players who graciously played for the team and won many leagues. The team flourished and improved. He was the first NBA player to surpass Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 4 from 1959 – 60 – 1962 – 62 and also from 1965 – 66 – 1968 – 69. He was also the first player to lead the league in blocks and rebounding in consecutive seasons and also the first ever to lead the league in blocks, field goal percentage and rebounding in the same season. This was very rare till Howard got it done. In 2011, Howard won NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year Award and was the first one in the history to win the award to three consecutive years.

Superman Howard

Howard is known as Superman, for his ruthless game play. He is a pretty good big man. As a centre player, he always knew the techniques and tricks to lead. There has always been a severe competition between O’Neal and Howard for the title of “Superman”. Well, both have their own place in their respective teams but both of them never stopped trying for the title. They are considered to be the biggest rivals of the NBA league. Howard’s abilities and powerful body structure have always drawn attention of all NBA fellow stars. Kevin Garnett, once gave the statement that he was never even near the type of physical talent of Howard. Howard had the greatest capability of guarding two people at a time, which is almost impossible for any other player. His height and structure seemed difficult to manage as per the game, but somehow he managed it well and stood out among the rest. Those who follow the league can see his dominant presence in NBA live games.

Charitable work

Howard is well known for his charity contribution towards different charity organizations. He was also named among the 10 finalists for Jefferson Awards for Public Service, which is an award for athletes for their charitable work, in year 2009.

He has a substantial contribution for the name of Christianity. His faith was to raise the name of God within NBA league and also throughout the world, which became another factor of this NBA superman huge fan following.

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