NBA season records

The NBA season records are of great importance and every new season we see teams hoping to break the previous records. If you watch NBA live and have been through the NBA live stream recently, you must be aware of the fact that the best regular season record if broken last week! Yes, finally the record set by Chicago Bulls in 1995-96 season is beaten in the 2015-16 season by Golden State Warriors. Following, I am going to list the best regular season records.

Golden state warriors 2015-16 season (73-9)

So the record has been broken last week after 20 years, and the team that broke the record is Golden State Warriors. The club has shown domination in recent season, and they recorded 73 wins while there were only 7 games in which they suffered from defeat. With players like Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, they have simply rocked this regular season.

Chicago Bulls 1995-96 season (72-10)

Chicago Bulls this record in 1995-95 season and it was there for 20 years until broken last week by Warriors. The team was led by Micheal Jordan and winning multiple games for his teams. He was named the MVP for the respected season. Moreover, not only they were impressive through the regular season, but he was also named as the MVP of the season. Moreover, the MVP of the finals award also went to ‘His Airness.’

Los Angeles Lakers 1971-72 season (69-13)

There was a time when Lakers was considered a team that was tough to defeat. It holds the third best regular season record as in the season of 1971-72 the team won 69 games whereas they only faced loss in 12 games. It was a great record and the team continued their winning ways as they went on to win against Bulls, Bucks, and Knicks in order to claim the Championship.

Chicago Bulls 1996-97 season (69-13)

The Bulls not only broke the record of Lakers in 1995-96 season by winning 72 out of their 82 games but also leveled the record once again in next season. They won 69 games out of 82, and they not only rocked regular season but also claimed the title. The most important thing about that season was that when it came to finals, there was a tie between Bulls and Utah Jazz after 4 games as both had won 2. Jordan was sick and despite all his illness he took part in the game and that proved to be a game changer as the won 5th game for his team and people saw him on NBA live stream scoring 38 points in only 44 minutes of the game that he played. The Bulls went on to win 6th game as well and claimed the title.

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