NBA scores odds: The NBA preseason games

So the regular season is over and there are surely some amazing games coming up on NBA live stream. When you talk about NBA preseason or games, there are certain people that look for the NBA scores odds. These are the ones that are probably looking to bet on the match and in order to win it, they need to understand the scores odds and how it works in betting system. While looking on the board, you might have seen it stating:

Warriors -4.5 (-110)

Spurs +4.5 (-110)

So how does it work?

The point spread

When you talk about the point, spread the favorite team, which is also known as the ‘chalk’ in betting language, comes with “-“ sign while the one that is an underdog is represented by “+” sign. I will explain the value after explaining the point spread.

In case that you want to be the wager, based on the -4.5 point spread, the Warriors must win the game by 5 or more points. For example, they should win the game by 20-15 or more difference in order to make you become a wager on them. However, if they win by 20-16 or less difference, then the ones who are looking to be bet on Spurs will walk away with the money.

So it is simple that when you see a team with -3.5, it means that the other team must be 3.5 points behind it so that you will become a wager. However, if a team comes with +4, you will win on that team if it loses with the point difference that is less than 4.

The “-110”

This is something which indicates that how much money that you must spend in order to participate. For example, if you are willing to win $100, according to this case, you must put $110 on the line. However, there are certain books that will ask less from you. For example, if a team comes with “-101”, it means that you only risk $101 in order to win $100. So it depends on the sports books according to which you are going to bet.

The above is information about the NBA scores odds and how you can use them in order to place the best. Now stay tuned to NBA preseason with a view to have a look at the performances of the team as this will help you in making team selection for betting.

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