Details of the NBA 2016 mock draft

Are you in search of some information about the NBA 2016 draft? You have come to the right place

then. It is will held on 23 rd June, 2016 and the location for the game is Barclay’sCenter, Brooklyn. It is

going to be televised by ESPN on national level. So what is the purpose of this draft? According to the

rules, the NBA teams take turns by selecting the amateur US college basketball players and some other

eligible players which also include the international players. The draft lottery will take place on 17 th May,

2016 during the playoffs.

Entrant and Eligibility

 The draft has to be conducted by following the eligibility rules which are established by the CBA

of the league and the layers union.

 According to the rules, all the drafted players should be at least 19 years old during the draft’s

calendar year. In case you are looking for dates, you have to be eligible for the 2016 draft if you

are born on or before 31, December, 1997.

 As long as the player does not sign contract with any professional team outside NBA, or sign a

contract with an agent, he is going to be called eligible. In case he wants to withdraw, then he

has to make a withdrawal request from the draft.

 The NCAA players are given the time period of 10 days after the termination of the NBA draft

combined for withdrawing from the NBA 2016 draft. Thewithdrawal date set for the year 2016

is 25 th may, which is 5 weeks after the mid- April deadline of last year.

 The NCAA players can participate in the draft combine and they can also attend one team tryout

of NBA per year and this is not going to affect their eligibility at all.

 The NCAA players can enter or withdraw the draft for multiple times and this will not make

them lose their eligibility.

 It is expected that the NBA will expand its draft combine and include the players with the

remaining college eligibility.

TheDraft Ceremony

Each team has 5 or less minute for deciding which player they would be selecting. The team can also

trade with another team but it has to make this decision within the 5 minutes allocated. The selection is

then announced by the NBA commissioner.

Each year 15 to 20 players are invited by the NBA to sit in the green room. The players who are not

allowed can also attend the ceremony but they have to sit in the fans area.

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